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IUIU SC faces UCU in its inaugural match in the Regional League

  • 29th November, 2023 7:06pm
  • 1 minute read
The Islamic University of Uganda went head-to-head with Uganda Christian University In an inaugural clash within the regional football league on Wednesday 29th November 2023 at the main campus in Mbale. Uganda Christian University took the lead in the first half, displaying impressive teamwork and securing a crucial goal. The pressure intensified as the Islamic University team sought a comeback, demonstrating resilience and determination throughout the first half in vain.
As the second half unfolded, the Islamic University's captain, Shafic Kawooya, emerged as the hero of the hour executing a flawless free kick that found the back of the net, equalizing the score and sending waves of jubilation through the field. The match concluded with both teams earning a hard-fought point in their debut appearance in the regional football league. The draw has set the stage for an exciting season ahead, leaving IUIU fans eager for more thrilling encounters on the football field.