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Muslims Urged to maintain the spirit of fasting even after the conclusion of Ramadan

  • 11th April, 2024 8:30pm
  • 2 minutes read

The Rector Islamic University in Uganda Assoc. Prof. Ismail Simbwa Gyagenda has urged Muslims to invest and nurture the younger generation and pray for those who have not been able to fast due to wars and conflicts as they celebrate Eid Al Fitr. 

The prayers were attended in large numbers by the members of the neighboring community, staff, and students of IUIU.  

The message was delivered by the vice-rector in charge of finance and administration Prof Abdul Kaziba Mpaata during the Eid celebration at the main campus Mbale.

Prof. Mpaata extended heartfelt prayers for blessings upon all Muslims Offering congratulations upon the completion of the fast urging congregants to pray for all those who were unable to fast during the holy month of Ramadan due to conflicts and wars, citing the plight of Muslims in Palestine.

Prof. Mpaata informed the congregation about the significant progress made in the construction of the Faculty of Engineering, which has now moved beyond the planning phase. He encouraged members to consider sending their children and relatives to study at the faculty once it is commissioned.

He also commended the governement for the continious support to the university and the muslim fraternity though the launch of the islamic bank and  emphasized the importance of generosity and encouraged attendees to cultivate a spirit of giving, especially to those less fortunate.

During the sermon delivered by Dr. Sulait Kabali, Muslims were reminded to maintain the spirit of fasting even after the conclusion of Ramadan, embodying its values of self-discipline, compassion, and spiritual growth.