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IUIU Team at Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University (TOGU), Türkiye 

  • 30th May, 2024 11:00am
  • 4 minutes read

Under the Erasmus+ Programme, a team of 5 academics composed of Dr. Jamil Serwanga(Vice Rector, Academic Affairs), Associate Prof Nabuukera Madinah(Director, Female Campus), Hakimu Buyondo(Lecturer), Luwemba Musa( Lecturer) and Saim Celik( Lecturer, CCDCoordinator) has participated International Staff Week between 20-23 May and later on joined International Congress of Economics and Administrative Sciences with papers from 24th to 27th.
During this period, the team had several engagements with administrators and faculties.

IUIU being presented

The staff week event brought together several universities from different countries to introduce them to each other and pave the way for collaborations. This event allows the universities to present themselves with an introductory brief.

Discussion with the Dean, Faculty of Engineering

On the margin of this event, the IUIU team was given an informative session by the Erasmus Office of the TOGU. 

On the other hand, the Engineering Faculty facilitated a tour of the faculty buildings and laboratories. Dr Jamil Serwanga has shown keen interest in this engagement due to the ongoing Faculty of Engineering and Technology at IUIU.

Souvenirs from Uganda offered to Prof Yusuf Temür

The team was also received by Prof Yusuf Temür( Director Postgraduate School and advisor to the Rector) in his office to have some ideas on how to maximise the benefits of an ongoing partnership. The delegation from Mahasarakham University was joined, consisting of the Vice President and Deputy Director of the International Office.

Dr. Jamil having a working meal with the H.E Rector of TOGU

At the final step of this activity, Dr Jamil Serwanga and Saim Çelik were received by Prof Fatih Yılmaz ( Rector of TOGU) in his office. The discussion revolved around several engagements between IUIU and TOGU and upcoming interactions that both universities may have.

Staff presenting their papers during the congress

Staff presenting their papers during the congress

Meeting with the Rector

IUIU team just before the congress

IUIU team with teaching staff at the Faculty of Engineering


Touring laboratories at the Faculty of Engineering


Erasmus office shares an informative session with the IUIU Team