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  • 21st September, 2020 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

Islamic University in Uganda Malawi medical students under their umbrella body Malawi Medical Students Association have donated food relief and paid accumulated rent arrears of a famished Muslim family in Malawi's capital, Lilongwe.

The Habib Medical School students donated to the family of Sheikh Abdul Rahman Edward of Kaphiri Area 38 Mosque in the Capital City 250kg of maize, a bag of sugar, soap, rice, meat and settled accumulated rent arrears of about four months.

The Chairperson of the Association Mustapha Issah, a third year student pursuing Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBchB) told Malawi Muslim Website that Sheikh Abdul Rahman Edward had gone several months without salary payment from his workplace due to the hardship caused by covid19.

"We learnt that Sheikh Abdul Rahman and his family including his wife, 4 children and other 2 dependents had nothing to eat for several days because he had no money to cater for basic needs due to unpaid salaries” Mustapha stated.

He says that the situation prompted them as an Association to intervene and find a way forward to help the Muslim cleric and with effort and the support from Turkish well-wishers they managed to organize for some relief to the needy family.

 “As an Association we realized that it was our responsibility to help a Muslim community member and with Allah’s help, we contacted our Turkish friends who acted so positive to our call. So we managed to fully settle the sheikhs accumulated rent arrears, bought food and some basic items for the family to keep them going” he stated.

Sheikh Abdul Rahman hailed the students for the donation and urged them to continue exhibiting such act of ibadat for the betterment of the Muslim community and also Allah’s reward in the hereafter.

“I am highly moved by the action of these young people, life had become hard for me and the entire family due to the corona virus but suprisingly Allah sent these young people to save me. Thank you so much and May Allah continue blessing you with better health, knowledge and intentions to continue doing good things for humanity” he emotionally stated.

The Muslim cleric encouraged other young people to emulate this act for the betterment of the Muslim community.