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  • 11th June, 2021 12:00am
  • 2 minutes read

The Islamic University in Uganda Vice Rector in charge of Finance and Administration Prof. Abdul Kaziba Mpaata has asked the IUIU student's guild leaders to continuously encourage and remind their fellow students to vaccinate for covid 19 during the 42 days lockdown.

Professor Mpaata made the call recently during an interactive meeting with guild leaders led by the Guild president H.E Welunga Yusuf at IUIU Main Campus in Mbale.

A section of the student leaders attentively listens to the VRFA during the meeting at the university board romm

 The Guild President H.E Welunga Yusuf (left) and other student leaders listens to the VRFA during the meeting recently at the university board room.

His call follows President Yoweri Museveni’s Sunday announcement of 42 days of country wide lockdown to mitigate the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

“As you are aware that we have seen a second and devastating wave of the coronavirus, this is the time that we need your support as student leaders for safety purposes. We believe that you have the contacts of most of your colleagues, so please call them and kindly remind and encourage them to keep safe and get vaccinated for covid as they are at their respective  homes,” Mpaata stated.

The VRFA disregarded the ongoing claim that the vaccine has health complications as purported by some quarters in society. 

“We have a caring Government that needs you to be safe from the pandemic. And I urge you to ignore the circulating lies purported by some section of individuals that the vaccine has some harmful impacts. You should  also not be deceived that there is no COVID-19. The virus is real and it has claimed millions of lives worldwide,” he detailed.

The Vice rector informed the student leaders that according to the prevalent situation, it may get very difficult for those who have not been vaccinated to be allowed back to the university after the lockdown.

“I am telling you this and you should as well inform your colleagues that there is a likeliness that everyone including staff and students will need to have the covid 19 inoculation card to be allowed into the university,” Mpaata warned.

He says the university has not registered any case of covid 19, adding that as the top administration, they will always ensure the safety of their staff and students during this period.